Pressing device for material to be sewn



PURPOSE: To provide a material pressing device which can suppress generation of puckering as much as practicable. CONSTITUTION: This pressing device for material to be sewn is composed of a throat plate and a cloth holder A having an aux. holder 3 energized in such a way as protruding slightly into a feed cog groove in the throat plate from the undersurface of a holder foot 1. For sewing a thicker material, a chamfer is formed on both sides of the upper part of the feed cog groove of throat plate confronting the aux. holder 3. A part of foot 1 at least farther than the needle drop position is warped upward so that the cloth feeding motions are made the most of.
(57)【要約】 【目的】パッカリングの発生を極力抑え得る被縫製物押 圧装置を提供する。 【構成】針板と、押え足1の下面から針板の送り歯溝中 へ僅かに突出するよう付勢された補助押え3を有する布 押えAとよりなっている。厚物の縫製に対しては、補助 押え3と対向する針板の送り歯溝の上部両側に面取りを 形成する。押え足1の少なくとも針落ち位置より先を上 方に反らせて布送り運動を最大限に生かす。




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