Plant cultivation and cultivation apparatus



(57)【要約】 【目的】 植物の生育管理が容易で均一な生育状態が得 られる植物の栽培方法及び栽培装置を提供する。 【構成】 底面側に通水部(開口部46)を備えた栽培 容器(16)を基台(通水性スラブ16又は栽培ベット 2)に設置し、前記栽培容器の前記通水部側に吸水性部 材(吸水性マット50)を設置し、この通水性部材上に 防根部材(防根シート52)を敷設し、かつ、保水性及 び保形性を有する培地(42)を前記栽培容器内に設置 し、この培地に植物(18)を植え付けるとともに、前 記基台側に養液(8)を供給することにより、前記栽培 容器内の培地側に前記養液を浸透させて前記植物を栽培 する。
PURPOSE: To provide a method for the cultivation of a plant to enable easy control of the growth of the plant and give a plant having uniform growing state and provide an apparatus for the cultivation method. CONSTITUTION: A culture vessel 16 having a water-passing part (opening) on the bottom face is placed on a base (water-permeable slab 14 or a culture bed 2), a water-absorbing member (a water absorbing mat) is placed at the side of the water-passing part of the culture vessel, a root-stopping member (a root stopping sheet) is laid on the water-passing member, a medium having water- retainability and shape-retainability is placed in the culture vessel, a plant 18 is planted on the medium and a culture solution 8 is impregnated in the culture vessel at the medium side to perform the cultivation of the plant. COPYRIGHT: (C)1996,JPO




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