Raw garbage treating device



PURPOSE: To leak no odor gas from a refuse or garbage throwing-in opening, even if an opening shuttle cover is opened, by outputting a cover opened signal when the opening shuttle cover is opened, and by making a fan go into action. CONSTITUTION: If an opening shuttle cover 11 is opened for additionally throwing refuse or raw garbage into a drying room 1, a cover opened signal is outputted from a cover sensor 83 set near a refuse or raw garbage throwing-in opening 11a, and this cover-opened signal is applied to a fan controlling circuit. The fan controlling circuit activates a fan F. Then, the fan F in a circulation path 2 between the drying room 1 and the fan F sucks gas in the drying room 1 including odor component, and as an inside of the drying room 1 becomes of a negative pressure, outside air flows in the inside of the drying room 1, from refuse or raw garbage throwing-in opening 11a in an opened state. That is to say, such flow of air is generated that suction is executed toward the inside of the drying room 1, from outer section, at the refuse or raw garbage throwing-in opening 11a. By this, even if the open shuttle cover 11 is opened, leakage of odor to outside section from the refuse and raw garbage throwing-in opening can be prevented. COPYRIGHT: (C)1996,JPO
(57)【要約】 【目的】 乾燥室(1) とファン(F) の間を循環するよう に形成され且つ加熱装置(3) を具備する循環用通路(2) と、上記循環用通路(2) に於ける前記加熱装置(3) 及び ファン(F) の下流側から分岐する排気回路(21)を具備 し、加熱装置(3) とファン(F) を作動させて生ごみ乾燥 動作を進行させる生ごみ処理装置に於いて、乾燥室(1) のごみ投入口(11a) を開放しても該部分から臭気が漏出 しないようにする。 【構成】 開閉蓋(11)が開放されたときに開蓋信号を出 す蓋センサ(83)と、蓋センサ(83)から開蓋信号が出力さ れた場合にはファン(F) を作動させるファン制御回路を 設けた。




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