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(57)【要約】 【目的】 思考力、経験、感及び根気を駆使して全く新 しい楽しみを得ることができるパズルおもちゃを提供す る。 【構成】 少なくとも上面が透明な容器に、砂状の細粒 物質と、この細粒物質の最大径よりも大きな径を有する 複数の駒を密封し、細粒物質の量を前記駒を完全に埋め ることができ、かつ、容器内で振動させることができる 空間が残る程度とし、容器を動かして細粒物質を振動さ せることで駒が浮上することを特徴とするパズルおもち ゃである。
PURPOSE: To provide a puzzle toy in which sand-like fine particles and plural pieces larger than the particle are contained in a transparent container, and capable of enjoying various plays, such as floating the piece(s) of a given color or drawing a given pattern with the pieces by vibrating the container by hand. CONSTITUTION: A puzzle toy 1 consists of a container which contains sand-like particles 5 and two or more larger pieces 6. The container consists of a transparent glass bottle 2, metal cap 3 and plastic base 4. The particles are of quartz sand, put in the container to about 70% of the inner volume to be freely movable when the container is vibrated. The pieces are of glass, spherical or in another shape, one colored red and the remaining 6 pieces blue, and has a specific gravity slightly higher than bulk specific gravity of the particles 5 to prevent them from easily floating on the particles. The puzzle toy provides various plays, such as floating the red piece 6 alone. COPYRIGHT: (C)1996,JPO




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