Detection part for coin surface state in coin identification device



(57)【要約】 【目的】 硬貨の有する凹凸模様を正確かつスピーディ に検出し得るようにすること。 【構成】 硬貨回転部4と、硬貨cの検出ライン上の凹 凸を検出するセンサ部5と、硬貨cの一回転中に定角度 間隔毎に得たN個の検出信号サンプルをA/D変換する 計数部7と、そのデータを保持する検出データ記憶部8 と、硬貨の表裏のデータを保持する基準データ記憶部1 0と、N個の検出データの値の各々を、各回毎に、1づ つ順番をづらして、硬貨の表裏の各N個の基準データの 値で除算し、表裏で各N群の商の値を得る比較部9と、 得られた各N群の商の値のうち、いずれかの1群で、許 容値内の商の値の数の総データ数Nに対する割合Pが割 合Q以上なら、硬貨cは真正であり、各N群の商の値 が、いずれもそうでないなら非真正であると判定する判 定部12と、制御部14とからなる。
PURPOSE: To precisely and speedily detect an suggedness pattern which a coin has. CONSTITUTION: The detection port for coin surface state is provided with a coin rotation part 4, a sensor part 5 detecting ruggedness on the detection line of the coin (c), a conuting part 7 which A/D-converts N-pieces of detection signal samples obtained for every prescribed angle during one rotation of the coin (c), a detection data storage part 8 holding the data, a reference data storage part 10 holding data on the obverse/ back of the coin, a comparison part 9 which shifts the order of respective values on N-pieces of detection data one by one at every detection time, divides the respective values by the values of N-pieces of reference data on the obverse/back of the coin and obtains the values of the quotients of respective N-groups at the obverse/back, a judgement part 12 judging that the coin (c) is true when the rate P of the number of the values of the quotients in a limited value against the total number N of data is more than a rate Q in one of the groups among the obtained values of the quotients of the N-groups, and judging the coin to be not trun when the P the number of the values of the quotients of the respective N-groups are not more than the Q, and a control part 14.




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