Height adjustment device for temporary structure



(57)【要約】 【目的】 仮設構造体に用いられる高さ調整装置に関 し、ネジ部材の沿って螺進退される調整用スピンドルの 緩解が容易になるようにした仮設構造体の高さ調整装置 を提供することを目的とする。 【構成】 仮設構造体の支柱の延長上に配置されたネジ 部材7が挿通される基準部材5と、該基準部材5に当接 するとともに上記ネジ部材7に螺合される調整用スピン ドル9との間隔位置のネジ部材7に開放可能に外嵌さ れ、ネジ部材7の中心に向かって薄肉になる楔19を備 える楔部材10を設け、上記基準部材5と調整用スピン ドル9との少なくとも一方に上記楔19に対応するテー パー面21を形成した構成とする。 【作用】 上記楔部材10を開放することにより調整用 スピンドル9と基準部材5との間に隙間を形成されるの で、調整用スピンドル9の緩解が容易になる。
PURPOSE:To facilitate loose releasing of an adjusting spindle which is threadedly advanced and retreated along a screw member, in the height adjustment device employed by a temporary structural body. CONSTITUTION:A wedge member 10 is provided, which is outwardly fitted in a screw member 7 in such a way as to be capable of being released at a position spaced between a base member 5 where the screw member 7 disposed on the extension of the post of a temporary structural body is to be inserted, and a adjusting spindle 9 to be brought into contact with the base member 5, and threadedly engaged with the screw member 7, and is provided with a wedge 19 made gradually thin in thickness toward the center of the screw member 7. A tapered surface 21 in response to the wedge 19 is provided for at least either one of the base member 5 or the adjusting spindle 9. Since releasing of the wedge member 10 causes a gap to be formed between the adjusting spindle 9 and the base member 5, loose releasing of the adjusting spindle 9 can thereby be made easily.




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