Anchorage structure of src column base


PURPOSE:To further enhance the efficiency of a reinforcing work by burying threaded reinforcements into a foundation beam and inserting an upper projected part of the threaded reinforcements into holes of a base plate of a steel post and fixing an intermediate part of the threaded reinforcements with the base plate. CONSTITUTION:Threaded reinforcements 2 which fix an enclosed type fill-up threaded fixture 1A with the lower end are placed together with reinforcing bars, thereby forming a lower stage foundation beam 7A. A steel post is erected to the threaded reinforcements 2 projecting upward while it is being aligned with holes of a base plate. Then, after a penetration type filled-up threaded fixture 1B is dropped from the upper end of the threaded reinforcements 2 and temporarily fixed with the threaded reinforcements 2, the post is firmly fixed with a grout material. hoop bars 4 and reinforcing bars of the upper stage foundation beam 7B are placed where concrete is cast, thereby forming the upper stage foundation beam 7B.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 SRC造柱脚の定着部の配筋作業の効率化。 【構成】 下端に閉鎖型充填式ネジ定着具を固定したネ ジ鉄筋を柱主筋定着部兼アンカーボルトとして基礎梁に 埋設し、該ネジ鉄筋の上方突出部分を鉄骨柱のベースプ レートに穿孔された孔に挿通して該ネジ鉄筋の中間部を 貫通型充填式ネジ定着具により該ベースプレートに固定 したSRC造柱脚の定着構造。




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