Basement building unit



(57)【要約】 【目的】 構造を複雑にすることなく土圧による梁の湾 曲を回避できる地下室用建物ユニットを提供すること。 【構成】 土圧を表面に受ける外壁パネル10を柱8と 梁6,7とを含んで形成された骨組み9に取り付けた地 下室用建物ユニット3において、外壁パネル10で受け る土圧を柱8で支持する構造とし、梁6,7の長手方向 に土圧が作用するようにした。
PURPOSE: To prevent each beam from being curved due to soil pressure by a simple structure by transferring soil pressure applied to an outer panel installed to a frame composed of columns and beams, to each column through each angle member, and let the soil pressure be thereby supported by each column. CONSTITUTION: Each outer panel 10 and 10 subjected to soil pressure at its surface is installed to each frame 9 and 9 formed out of columns 8,... and beams 6,... and 7, so as to be formed into each basement building unit 3 and 3. In this constitution, one side of each intermediate member 13 and 13 composed of angle members provided along the longer direction of each column 8 is installed to the back surface of the outer wall panel 10, and the other side is installed to a surface adjacent to a surface opposite to the outer wall surface 10 of the column 8. Soil pressure applied to the outer wall panel 10 is thereby transferred to the column 8 through the intermediate member 13, so that it is finally supported by the column 8. By this constitution, only compression load is applied to the beam 6, and the beam 6 is thereby prevented from being curved by soil pressure. COPYRIGHT: (C)1996,JPO




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