Tire heating structure



(57)【要約】 【目的】 外気温が低い場合にもタイヤの接地面にアス ファルトの付着を防止するタイヤローラ等の締固め機械 のタイヤ加温構造を提供することを目的とする。 【構成】 タイヤ5を具備した締固め機械のタイヤ加温 構造において、該タイヤ5の接地面5aに向けてエンジ ン1からの排気管4の排気口(出口)4Aを設け、エン ジン1から排気風によってタイヤ接地面5aを加温する よう構成した。
PURPOSE: To prevent the adhesion of asphalt onto a tire by forming an outlet for an exhaust pipe from an engine towards the ground surface of the tire and heating the ground surface by exhaust gas from the engine. CONSTITUTION: A combustion gas at a high temperature generated in an engine 1 is injected in the directions of the arrows Z towards the ground surfaces 5a of tires 5A, 5B, 5C respectively from exhaust ports 4A, 4B, 4C for exhaust pipes 4, and the ground surfaces 5a are heated in an extent that asphalt is not attached. The outside air sucked by a radiator 2 absorbs the heat of a coolant for the engine 1 and the temperature of the outside air is elevated, and the outside air is injected in the direction of the arrow Y towards the tire 5C from the exhaust port through an engine room E along a partition wall 6 and heated. COPYRIGHT: (C)1996,JPO




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