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JP-H08123540-A: 機器監視システム patent, JP-H08123934-A: Ic付き光カード patent, JP-H08124611-A: 多段コネクタ patent, JP-H08124838-A: ベストフォーカスの検出方法 patent, JP-H08125549-A: 誤り訂正復号回路とそれを使用するディジタル通信装置及びディジタル記録装置 patent, JP-H0812613-A: 液状バニリン組成物、その製法及びその適用 patent, JP-H08126409-A: 作業装置 patent, JP-H08127228-A: 車両用空気調和装置 patent, JP-H08127993-A: Wet nonwoven fabric and its production patent, JP-H08128919-A: 流動観測装置 patent, JP-H08129040-A: 回路素子測定器における測定用交流電圧の出力レベル制御方法 patent, JP-H08129486-A: ソフトウェア著作権保護の方法 patent, JP-H08129522-A: Transfer method for multimedia data patent, JP-H08131346-A: Casing stripper patent, JP-H08131393-A: Dust removing apparatus patent, JP-H0813144-A: Plasma sputtering method by excitation with electron beam patent, JP-H08131960-A: Hulling sorter patent, JP-H08132046-A: Ionized water forming device with freeze proofing function patent, JP-H08132441-A: Production of tire vulcanizing bladder patent, JP-H08132523-A: 低熱収縮性ポリエステルフィルム patent, JP-H08132581-A: 化粧シート patent, JP-H08133255-A: ラベル貼着装置 patent, JP-H08133992-A: Production of 1-pentene patent, JP-H08134110-A: 大きさの揃った微細な重合体粒子の製造方法 patent, JP-H08134458-A: コークス炉炭化室壁面の異常判定方法 patent, JP-H08134827-A: Tire heating structure patent, JP-H08134937-A: Basement building unit patent, JP-H08135684-A: Armature assembly in electromagnetic connection device patent, JP-H0813595-A: Fixing construction for sanitary device to floor patent, JP-H0813609-A: Src造柱脚の定着構造 patent, JP-H08136298-A: Fluidic type gas meter patent, JP-H08137009-A: High contrast reflecting screen patent, JP-H08137779-A: 計算機の周辺装置におけるドライバ供給方法 patent, JP-H08137826-A: 2次構造予測装置 patent, JP-H0813784-A: Height adjustment device for temporary structure patent, JP-H08137876-A: 文章推敲方法及び文章推敲装置 patent, JP-H08138107-A: Detection part for coin surface state in coin identification device patent, JP-H08138592-A: 蛍光表示管 patent, JP-H08138874-A: 高圧パルス発生装置 patent, JP-H081392-A: 空き缶圧縮装置 patent, JP-H08141034-A: 浴槽の噴流切り替え構造 patent, JP-H08141211-A: Puzzle toy patent, JP-H08141746-A: スポット溶接ガンの揺動装置 patent, JP-H0814358-A: 走行装置 patent, JP-H08145076-A: 電磁クラッチ patent, JP-H08145339-A: Method and apparatus for controlling secondary air flow rate for combustion of coal fired boiler patent, JP-H08145567-A: Raw garbage treating device patent, JP-H08146216-A: Production of composite optical filter patent, JP-H08146231-A: Backlight device patent, JP-H08147314-A: Recognition type document filing device and control method thereof patent, JP-H08147723-A: Method and device for detecting error in tracking patent, JP-H081482-A: 数値制御装置 patent, JP-H08148496-A: 半導体装置及び半導体装置用バンプ patent, JP-H08148569-A: 半導体装置 patent, JP-H08148697-A: Ceramic diaphragm structure and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H081491-A: 面取り装置 patent, JP-H08149259-A: Book original reader patent, JP-H0814971-A: 電磁流量計 patent, JP-H08150430-A: ダイ装置 patent, JP-H08150487-A: デポジション装置 patent, JP-H08151314-A: フノリ製剤 patent, JP-H08152527-A: 液晶表示装置 patent, JP-H08152548-A: 光源装置及び光源装置の取付方法 patent, JP-H08152899-A: 音声処理装置 patent, JP-H08152980-A: 帳票印刷処理方法 patent, JP-H08153056-A: Data transfer system patent, JP-H08153268-A: Commodity discharging device of automatic vending machine patent, JP-H08153483-A: 分析装置 patent, JP-H081544-A: ファスナーによる二部材の接合装置 patent, JP-H08154509-A: Plant cultivation and cultivation apparatus patent, JP-H08154966-A: Polyurethane bandage material for orthosis and its preparation thereof patent, JP-H08155167-A: Pressing device for material to be sewn patent, JP-H08155525-A: Inter-stand sensor truck device patent, JP-H08156555-A: Rear suspension of axle type patent, JP-H08156562-A: 後二軸車両の発進補助装置 patent, JP-H08157255-A: Production of high density manganese-zinc ferrite patent, JP-H08157348-A: 化粧料 patent, JP-H08157721-A: Production of semiconductive roll patent, JP-H08157753-A: 光輝剤含有塗膜の補修用塗料および補修方法 patent, JP-H08157922-A: 溶融金属処理方法 patent, JP-H0815805-A: Dye dispersion and its manufacture and silver halide photographic sensitive material using same patent, JP-H08158415-A: Advancing direction display device of full revolving type construction machine patent, JP-H08160044-A: Method and reagent for measuring rheumatic factor patent, JP-H08161290-A: Potential library device patent, JP-H08162608-A: 半導体素子 patent, JP-H08162735-A: プリント配線基板 patent, JP-H08163323-A: Transparent original reader patent, JP-H08163829-A: スピンドルモータの磁気漏れ検査装置 patent, JP-H081638-A: Device for making thick-wall printing on cement plate patent, JP-H08163986-A: Dna replication model in escherichia coli patent, JP-H08164144-A: Implement for surgery patent, JP-H08164485-A: スポット溶接機の打点位置決め装置 patent, JP-H08164512-A: Holder for embedding concrete product of insert bush patent, JP-H08164886-A: Bicycle with electric auxiliary motive power patent, JP-H08165047-A: シート搬送装置及び該シート搬送装置を備えた画像形成装置 patent, JP-H08165068-A: エレベータ乗場ドアの安全装置 patent, JP-H08165843-A: Storage device with ventilating facility patent, JP-H08166089-A: へリウムトランスファーチューブ patent, JP-H08167255-A: Data recording device and data reproducing device patent, JP-H08167-A: 冷凍コンテナ用庫内環境制御システム patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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